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Who are we?

Company Profile

U Unicoal Trading, was incorporated as a private limited company in the Republic of Mauritius in the year 2014. Unicoal began trading in August 2014 by acquiring ROM Coal from various coal producers as from 1 September 2014. Unicoal products are sold into various markets throughout the world including but not limited to the Middle East, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Far east, North Africa and Southern Africa. The aim is to grow the business into a global trading house thereby creating a global footprint. Unicoal’s primary operating model includes acquiring ROM coal from various ROM producers and beneficiating the coal through various toll washing facilities into its final saleable form and quality. Unicoal provides its valued customers a full service from the safe loading of trucks at the mine right to the offloading of the coal at the customer’s premises. This includes the logistics service as well as after sales customer service.

Message From the Board

Founded in 2014, Unicoal Trading (Mauritius) which is based in Cybercity, Mauritius markets and supplies coal products into various markets around the world. We procure our coal mainly from Highveld coal fields in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. Our primary focus is to establish long term relationships and contracts with miners and end users.

We aim at providing exceptional customer service with utmost dedication and integrity. One of our most important company assets is the reputation and credibility we have built since inception. Unicoal Trading (Mauritius) was founded on three core values; integrity, quality and reliability, and these are the fundamentals to our business and long-lasting client relationships.

Despite the shift from fossil fuels in Europe and other first world countries, many developing countries around the world thrives on coal as a cheaper and more efficient energy source, and today is the backbone of the development of their countries and economies. We also make an important contribution to the cement, paper, textile and other manufacturing industries by fulfilling their coal requirements. Our leadership in this industry is directly attributable to our dedicated staff catering to our customer’s needs and implementing effective solutions to achieve success for both the company and the customer.

From the ROM Stockpile at Mine to the coal stockpile at the Customer site, our processes are optimized and achieved through the use of quality suppliers, rigorous quality control procedures, safe and delicate stockpile management systems, and efficient logistics solutions .

Unicoal has grown steadily over the years, and the success we have achieved to date is as a result of the confidence and trust our stakeholders have in us. Our objective is to become a company that every shareholder and customer can be proud of. That is a commitment we solemnly pledge to stand and abide by.

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The Board