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Vast, SSCG extend financing agreement as RBZ lags

Aim-listed Vast Resources on Friday said that it was still awaiting approval from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) for the assignment of 49.99% of its loan account with Canape. The company noted that the outstanding approval would hamper its financing arrangement with SSCG Africa Holdings, which would provide Vast with $8-million, principally to advance core activities in Romania.

Kusasalethu strike comes to an end

After six days of ongoing industrial action at the Kusasalethu mine, near Carletonville, the striking workers have returned to work, Harmony Gold said on Thursday. Workers once again downed tools last week, prompting Harmony on Friday to seek an interdict from the Labour Court of South Africa to declare the industrial action unprotected and ordering employees to return to work.