Logistics Infrastructure

  • Unicoal currently offers its customers coal on a FOT, FOR, FOB and CFR basis.  
  • Through various service providers, Unicoal has access to various siding infrastructures within close vicinity of its coal sources.   
  • Pan siding is located 3 km from Hakhano Colliery. This siding is used to rail coal to Maputo Main Port as well as to inland customers.  
  • Rietkuil Siding, located 20 km from Hakhano Colliery is used mainly for supply to Richards Bay Coal Terminal.
  • Arbor Siding located 25 km from Phalanndwa Colliery can be utilized by Unicoal should the need arise or if requested by a customer.





Logistics Fact sheet

RBCT Allocation : 200 000 tons p.a
Multi purpose Terminal, Richards Bay : 400 000 tons p.a
Pan siding capacity : 100 000 tons monthly
Rietkuil siding capacity : 250 000 tons monthly